Inside out is a team of individuals whose members believe in facilitating processes where “outside” citizens can actively engage and collaborate with the “inside” correctional enviroment in South Africa. We encourage collaborative generation and dissemination of knowledge about prison experiences, circumstances and initiatives.

The group was started in 2013 by staff and students at the department of psychology at Unisa. We do not have an official membership, but the following individuals are currently coordinating the group: Eduard Fourie, Bongi Mdakane, Masefako Gumani, Bianca Parry, Puleng Segalo, Martin Terre Blanche and Khonzi Mbatha.

While Inside-out does not manage interventions, it serves as a clearing house for information on initiatives such as the development of tertiary education opportunities for offenders, issues of social reintegration and recidivism after release and issues relating to the families and relatives of offenders.