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Prison-to-College Pipeline Seminar at Unisa

Last week Inside-out participated in the Research & Innovation Week at Unisa, by collaborating with Dr Baz Dreisinger, the Founding Academic Director of the Prison-to-College Pipeline at the City University of New York, to host a seminar regarding education in the correctional environment. The title of the seminar was “Can a Prison-to-College Pipeline be built in South Africa? Reflections on Higher Education, Incarceration, Re-entry and Access to Opportunity.”

This exciting program, the Prison-to-College Pipeline (P2CP) program, operates just as its name implies, as a pipeline funneling prison students into college in the community to complete their degrees upon release.

Open our Unisa R&I Week P2CP report to read more…

Changes in the Inside-out Family…

Long-time friend and colleague of Inside-out, Mona Dryer (pictured left), is moving on from her post at the Zonderwater Correctional Facility, to her home town. While we are sad to see her go, after the many contributions she has made to the group, we are glad to still have her as a part of the Inside-out family. All the best with your new path Mona!