Psyssa 2014 Symposium

Symposium abstract

Inside-out Outside-in: Prison studies and communities

Chair: Eduard Fourie


This symposium seeks to engage with community psychology approaches and perspectives on the diverse communities that exist in and around correctional systems. The focus will be on initiatives that cross the boundaries between the inside and outside of prisons. Examples are the establishment of a prison studies and communities’ interest group, the development of tertiary education opportunities for prisoners, issues of social reintegration and recidivism after release, issues relating to the families and relatives of prisoners, and the collaborative generation and dissemination of knowledge about prison experiences and circumstances.

The following individual papers were presented at the Psychological Society of South Africa (PsySSA) in September 2014:

Inside-out Outside-In South African prison studies and communities: Establishing and nurturing an interest group

‘Carceral communities’ in post-apartheid South Africa

A critical evaluation of the HPCSA policies addressing prospective psychologists with a criminal record prior to registration

Permanent desistance and repeat offending: An appreciative look behind the stories

Motivation for community outreach of perpetrators of crime

Viva the White Paper: Experiences and observations in and around correctional services in the UK and South Africa